What do you fix?

We offer mudjacking & concrete leveling services for a number of problem areas, including sidewalks, driveways, garages, steps, patios, porches, garage floors, and interior & exterior slabs. We offer both residential mudjacking, and commercial mudjacking.

What areas do you serve?

We primarily serve Milwaukee County, but also service Waukesha and other surrounding areas.

How does mudjacking work?

Here’s a graphic showing the general process:

How Does Mudjacking Work? Level Headed Mudjackers - Milwaukee

Why do you need your concrete leveled?

The grade of your household is more important than you think. With Midwestern rain and conditions, the level of your walks can be key to keeping your foundation dry and dependable. Whether it’s a gap within your porch or a small slant toward your home, mudjacking can be the key to fixing your pavement.

How much does mudjacking cost?

The price can range from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on what needs to be done. There are a number of variables that affect pricing, but we’re happy to stop out and provide a FREE estimate.

What can happen if you don’t level your pavement?

Rain, rot and mold are all very real problems. The health of your family and your home are dependent upon your foundation. Also known as slab jacking or mud pumping, mudjacking (or concrete leveling) of your exterior is the easiest way to ensure that moisture doesn’t enter your home. Using an accredited mudjacking contractor not only keeps your concrete level, but it can also settle your mind.

What causes concrete settling?

Washout, drying, shrinking and poorly compacted soils are some of the reasons that concrete can settle and crack, leaving you with an uneven surface. One often overlooked cause is underground plumbing leaks. If you have under-slab piping, slow leaks can cause soil to wash away, leaving a void below your slab. Soil displacement can lead to bumpy sidewalks, buckling driveways or even a cracked foundation. Mudjacking your concrete and leveling it can prevent long term damage to your home.

Why fix your concrete instead of replace?

Replacing your concrete slabs is expensive! Labor alone can take up to 8 hours for workers replacing concrete. However fixing a slab that is crooked may only take a few hours and no drying time. Unlike replacing a slab, most mudjacking can be walked on within minutes of the process.

Do I need to be home during this process?

You only need to be home if your cracked concrete is in the interior of your home or garage. Outdoor surfaces such as patios, sidewalks or driveways can be done at any time with your permission.

Milwaukee Entryway Mudjacking by Level Headed


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