Tired of That “Sinking” Feeling When Concrete Begins to Crack and Sink?

So, you’re wondering how mudjacking works! When an issue in your concrete appears, you have to consider the options. First, you consider the money, the time and the effort to repair the area concrete. Next, you begin to realize that mudjacking is perfect for moderately sized jobs, including porches, steps, garage, basement and other concrete surfaces. Then, it’s time to engage in mudjacking: the most affordable, quickest and least messy of all options for fixing up concrete.

What Do I Need to Know About Mudjacking?

First and foremost, mudjacking is a cost-effective solution for smaller jobs with minimal cleanup and disruption to the surrounding area. Then, as cracks grow in concrete porches, stairs, walkways, garage floors, sidewalks or other small concrete surfaces, mudjacking is often the best way to address the problem.

But How Does Mudjacking Work?

Every project has its own quirks and quandaries, but the basics of mudjacking follow a similar set of steps. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Begin by diagnosing the problem and determine which of the problem area(s) need a dose of the problem-solving fill to keep your concrete level.
  2. Next, identify the problem areas, we drill a pattern of holes through the sunken slabs. The holes are typically dug 1.5″ to 2″ deep into the affected concrete.
  3. After drilling a careful pattern of holes in the concrete, we add a hardening mixture made up of soil & concrete. We slowly inject the mixture of soil & concrete into the pattern of holes, using a mudjacking or concrete leveling machine.
  4. Then, the mixture of concrete & soil fills the void below the concrete slabs causing your slab to rise. This process is continued until the slab rises to its desired level.
  5. Finally, when all the holes have been filled, concrete is used to fill and cap the holes to create a clean seal that minimizes any visual evidence of the mudjacking process.

Visualize the process using this handy 1-2-3 graphic:

Ok, I am Ready to Take Action…What Now?

Hopefully, this helped to eliminate that “sinking” feeling you have about concrete repair on your property. If you still have questions about how mudjacking works and want to know if the process is right for your project, contact Levelheaded Mudjackers for more info and a free quote.