Mudjacking is a Long-Term Fix

Mudjacking is your long-term concrete repair solution. If done properly, mudjacking can last for decades. Levelheaded Mudjackers provide services built to last, without settling or deteriorating over time.

First, mudjacking addresses the reason your concrete became damaged. Next, changes in the underlying soil lead to settlement and create voids beneath the slab. In addition, mudjacking fills these empty spaces to restore the soil’s integrity and lift the slab back to its original, level position. Levelheaded Mudjackers supply expert services to keep the slab in place, providing a decade or more of stability.

Factors that Impact the Longevity of Your Mudjacking Project

The lasting power of a mudjacking repair depends upon several factors. Age and condition of the physical property are critical to determine the staying power of your mudjacking repair. Additionally, Levelheaded Mudjackers will learn about your area so we can provide the most accurate prediction for how long your mudjacking repair is likely to last.

Slab settling is another important factor. Unsettling occurs thanks to underground animals, badly placed downspouts, or poor grading of the homesite. Each factor contributes to the repair and will influence the extent of the mudjacking project. Address these issues quickly and increase the expected duration of your mudjacking repair.

The type of cement slurry used impacts the expected life of your mudjacking repair. Levelheaded Mudjackers use the highest-quality materials, designed to provide the longest-lasting fix.

Ways to Extend the Length of Mudjacking Repair

First, it is important to let the mudjacking work settle for as long as possible. Settling allows strength to build and increases the durability of mudjacking. Be sure to maintain the surrounding soil to increase the longevity of your mudjacking project.

Ideas to help prolong the life of your mudjacking:
  • Backfill around the perimeter of your slab prevents pests and water from entering underneath and causing more damage.
  • When mudjacking a driveway, caulk the joint between the garage floor slab and the driveway slab. This helps preserve the rebar connecting the two.
  • Then, make sure your guttering is clean and a large enough size to handle heavy rainfall.
  • Next, hire a professional contractor with mudjacking experience.
  • Finally, proper preparation will ensure that your mudjacking project can last for decades.
Is Concrete Jacking Cost-Effective?

Mudjacking is highly cost-effective, costing much less than slab replacement. How much less? Mudjacking typically costs half the price of complete slab removal and pouring new concrete. Most importantly, mudjacking fixes the root of the problem. In addition, slab replacement often avoids the underlying soil problems. As a result, the new surface is still likely to settle and crack in the future. Finally, Mudjacking doesn’t destroy the nearby landscaping like slab replacement. Mudjacking truly provides a long-term concrete repair and cost-effective solution.

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