Three is the magic number. There’s nothing magic about concrete repair, and when it comes to mudjacking vs. concrete replacement, we at Level Headed Mudjackers believe that our repair process is better. Please read below for three advantages of using the mudjacking process, along with a bonus mudjacking history lesson.

Advantage #1: Less Labor & Less Costs

First of all, mudjacking lets you enjoy less labor, less time and less cost if you choose to raise the concrete. One must hire an entire crew to replace a concrete slab. The crew will spend time and materials as they demolish, remove and discard the slab. Then, a replacement process must stabilize the foundation, repour and cure the new cement. Mudjacking vs. concrete replacement means less labor, hours, and materials, less money, and less time waiting. In general, mudjacking lowers your costs up to 50% versus replacing the concrete slab(s) and is a much quicker process to complete.

Advantage #2: Less Impact on Your Property

Secondly, you must consider all factors when deciding to replace or repair a concrete slab. Heavy equipment is necessary to replace concrete, including demolishing and re-pouring the slab. Heavy machinery can disrupt or damage the area surrounding the slab. The mudjacking process has little to no impact on your environmental surroundings. In addition, the equipment used in the mudjacking process is mobile and flexible, meaning your property faces fewer disruption.

Advantage #3: Clean & Responsible

Thirdly, you must consider the impact on both the environment and your surrounding property. Mudjacking is a cleaner alternative to breaking and removing concrete slabs. Rip-and-replace projects leave a lot of dust and dirt and chunks of concrete. Projects of this kind require cleanup and disposal, with the potential to damage your property with concrete dust. Mudjacking services leave very little dust or dirt. The cement slurry mix is easily removed. Rip-and-repour jobs require disposal of the old cement, which is recycled into the base material but has a drop off charge. Mudjacking eliminates the need to remove the concrete and saves money in the process.

Bonus History Lesson: Mudjacking Helped to Win WWII

Finally, history holds a fact about mudjacking you may find interesting. After the United States entered World War Two, in 1941, the military needed to build bases all over the planet. World War II led to a worldwide effort to save time and money. As a result, concrete runways, roads and more were built from Georgia to Guam. Due to weather, bombing and more, the concrete runways that launched the Allied planes were in constant need of repair. Before mudjacking, if a runway was damaged, the old concrete was replaced with fresh concrete. The concrete replacement took too much time, energy, and money.

The U.S. Navy discovered that mudjacking was a great solution to quickly maintain runways worldwide. In addition, the U.S. Navy and Air force used mudjacking to repair and maintain their runways. The mudjacking process reduced the amount of time and money it took to repair damaged runways and sped the process of getting troops and supplies to support the defeat of the Third Reich. As a result, mudjacking grew to become a key part of concrete repair for folks all over the United States.

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