Residential Sidewalk Repair

Don’t let sunken or uneven concrete on your sidewalk get you down: turn to the professionals at Level Headed Mudjackers for residential sidewalk repair. Our experienced mudjacking team will assess, address, and repair your sidewalk. There are a variety of factors that might cause your sidewalk to sink. Level Headed Mudjackers’ mission is to make your sidewalk safe, solid, and secure.

Back in the old days, companies settled for tearing out an injured sidewalk and pouring a new slab. The procedure was costly and did not address the root issue. Additionally, sunken concrete becomes worse with every changing season. Before you think about tearing your sidewalk out and disrupting your whole neighborhood, contact Level Headed Mudjackers for expert mudjacking and concrete leveling services. Mudjacking is a more reliable, long-lasting concrete repair remedy. Mudjacking fixes roads and highways and can easily be done, with minimal disruption, to fix sidewalks.

Diagnosing the Sidewalk

If you notice your sidewalk has begun to sink but has not completely disintegrated, mudjacking may be the solution. In some cases, the sidewalk is damaged due to tree roots. Sometimes, water damages your concrete due to rains, plumbing leaks, or erosion. An expert from Level Headed Mudjacking will help you diagnose the issue and determine if mudjacking may be right for your sidewalk. If so, our world-class team will drill a small hole through the slab and pump a slurry mixture into the void under the sunken concrete, raising it back to its even height and position.

The Benefits of Mudjacking for Residential Sidewalk Repair

• Mudjacking costs less without sacrificing quality, performance, stability, or longevity.
• In addition, mudjacking fully fills the soil voids below the concrete. As a result, the concrete remains strong, stable, and secure.
• Mudjacking keeps it clean: Mudjacking projects can be completed with less waiting and cleanup than full replacement because mudjacking does not tear up or pour new concrete. This means less mess and less waiting around for the project to be finished.
• Another benefit of mudjacking: it lets you keep the matching color of your concrete, making mudjacking repair work seamless and all but invisible.
• Finally, mudjacking is a great way to go green because it leaves no waste behind. Mudjacking will keep the natural beauty of your property alive. Mudjacking is not disruptive to the surrounding landscape.

Make Mudjacking Your Sidewalk Solution

Sidewalks are high-traffic and in need of speedy maintenance: mudjacking lets you keep your pace of life with minimal disruption. Dust, debris, and disruption are minimal. In conclusion, mudjacking is a far cleaner and simpler alternative than full slab or concrete replacement.

Let Level Headed Mudjackers make your sidewalk look incredible and new. We proudly serve Milwaukee, Waukesha, and the surrounding areas. Looking for MORE Mudjacking Benefits and information for your next project? Contact the experts for “Level Headed” Estimates and Advice from Level Headed Mudjackers.