Mudjacking Porches

Whether you love spending time on the front porch or back patio of your home, both can result in level or sinking issues. Your patio may be more easily hidden and out of view, but when your porch begins having these problems it’s something everyone can see. While aesthetics are certainly one reason for correcting these issues, there are also several more practical incentives to do so.

Why Invest in Porch Repairs?

If your porch has steps leading to the door way, sinking can often cause the step(s) to tilt to one side or slide a way from the house. At best this creates awkward navigation for any visitors you may have. At worst, during rainy or snowy weather, it could lead to someone falling and being injured. In such a case you would be liable for those injuries. Additionally, unattended issues could lead to foundation damage to your home, creating even more problems and expense.

Level Headed Mudjackers can help you avoid all of this. Privately owned, we take a personal interest in all of our customer’s needs. Not only do we have the expertise to handle whatever mudjacking problem you may have, we also provide a free estimate to prevent surprises for you. Discovering a problem with your home is never pleasant. The good news is, when caught and remedied early, a repair for your porch can typically be done in just a few hours.

Porches aren’t the only residential mudjacking service Level Headed Mudjackers provides. To view a full list of other residential services done by Level Headed Mudjackers, visit our “What We Fix” page.

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If you’ve noticed your porch beginning to slant or some small cracks emerging, contact us today for that free estimate and let us help you tackle whatever problem, no matter big or small.