As COVID-19 testing and positive cases rise in tandem, Level Headed Mudjackers remains ready to provide socially-distant friendly, fast, and effective repairs to concrete problems for the driveway, sidewalk, patio, garage, steps, or foundations throughout Washington, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, and Waukesha County. Level Headed Mudjackers will provide COVID-sensitive services because we have careful considerations we keep in mind when delivering services during this pandemic. Read below to see how Level Headed Mudjackers care enough to repair with, safety awareness and professionalism.

What Level Headed Mudjackers Are Doing to be Prepared:
  • We are screening staff for COVID-19 symptoms and will restrict them from work if they are suspected or diagnosed as being infected.
  • Customers can pay for our services without having direct contact with our staff.
  • We are ready for your calls or email with any questions or concerns.
What You Can Do to be Prepared for Level Headed Mudjackers to do Repair at your Property:
  • Clear all obstacles from the path to and from the worksite.
  • Keep children, pets, and other family members clear of the worksite.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of social distance from our workers.
  • Have your own pen ready in case you need to sign any paperwork.
  • Wear a mask for any encounters with staff.
  • Use soap and water, disinfectant wipes, and/or sprays in case of any contact.
  • Wipe down all surfaces our staff may have contacted, then wash your hands thoroughly.


Level Headed Mudjacking prepares to help you maintain your property no matter how long the current COVID-19 conditions last. At Level Headed Mudjackers, we take pride in improving your home’s curb appeal and giving it a fresh, inviting look. We proudly serve Milwaukee, Waukesha, and the surrounding areas. If you still have questions about how mudjacking works and want to know if the process is right for your project, contact Level Headed Mudjackers for more info and a free quote.