Does your Garage Surface have that Sinking Feeling?

After years of ignoring your garage floor, suddenly the surface is so bad that you feel it every morning when you leave for work. Most homeowners rarely notice the state of their garage floors. They just park the car and head into their homes. If your garage surface is beginning to crumble, don’t panic. Take action and contact Level Headed Mudjackers before your cracking garage surface can cause damage to your vehicle. Our team will conduct a free assessment of your concrete to find a quote with a long-lasting solution that will level your concrete garage floor.

Why is my Garage Sinking?

Cracked and sunken garage floors are not just a cosmetic concern:  they can become a danger to the health of your vehicle. In addition, the condition could continue to deteriorate over time if not addressed. The cause of this condition may be an issue that needs to be addressed before it causes worse problems down the line. But what could be the cause of a sinking or cracking garage surface?

  • Water drainage: A cracked garage floor may be a sign of a water drainage issue. It is important to address this immediately because it could impact the foundation beyond your garage. Mudjacking can effectively address this issue without requiring disruptive demolition.
  • Soil displacement: Sometimes soil beneath a garage floor becomes displaced. Perhaps it was not compacted correctly at some point. The soil needs to be stabilized and replaced before repairs can be done. Level Headed Mudjackers can address this issue as well so that you can stabilize the soil beneath your garage floor.
  • Settling with age: Concrete garage floor settlement typically occurs over time: erosion and other factors contribute to the garage floor ruin. Even if you have a well-compacted foundation, garage floors tend to eventually settle. Typically, this will result in small cosmetic cracks only, and don’t necessarily need to be repaired. If the cracks worsen over time, or you begin to see sinking or buckling of your garage floor, you will want to contact us at Level Headed Mudjackers.

Why Should I Choose Level Headed Mudjackers to Repair my Garage Floor?

Mudjacking is a great option for both attached and detached garages. We take a complex job and make it simple: concrete garage floors can lift or sink independently of the walls, causing more unevenness throughout the floor. In some cases, there may be piping or electrical beneath the slab. The best way to ensure that the floor does not continue to sink and lead to more costly repairs down the road is by mudjacking the floor.

Repairing the concrete of your garage surface is more cost-effective than replacement. Mudjacking is an ideal alternative to costly concrete replacement to repair garage floor damage caused by water, soil displacement or settling with age.

Ready to repair your cracked or sunken garage floor? Contact one of our Mudjacking Experts to get our professional opinion for the best results.